Sunday, 11 October 2015

"Dear, Lover"

"Dear, Lover"

The love I hold is for you, everything I do is for you. Just knowing you made me know how much I could love and I love you. So my love, will you just know everything I do is for you, everything I know is you and your my everything.

My everything is waking up to see you next to me, seeing your beautify brown eyes opening.

Knowing you love me as much as I love you.

The only love I have is for you, the only love I want is you and the only love I will ever know is you. You bring happiness to my world, a smile to my face and a life I will never want to change.

Friday, 9 October 2015

"Dear, Mother"

"Dear, Mother"

I'm the mini you, the one you made for me to be alive. I hope I'm everything you wanted me to be. Everything you do is for me, I live for you. You will never know me personally, but you know me for I am. You are apart of me, but I grow. I grow to be me and you no longer know me. The past will always be there, I will always remember. I will always remember you, when I wake up and open my eyes I will see you. Now I have grown, I have learnt and I'm no longer a child.

I now will move on far away from you, just know I will always love you. Know you are apart of me, everywhere I go and I will one day return for you.

With my own mini me.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

"Dear, Survivor"

"Dear, Survivor"

Survivor why don't you speak to me, knowing everything you mean to me. Your the only thing that gets to me.
My everything.
Everyone around me knows nothing of me. So my dear survivor, why don't you speak to me. To just hear your voice, will mean everything, just knowing your their mean the world to me.

Where are you dear survivor, be strong for me, love will come of me. You can be happy my dear survivor, nothing will get to me.

knowing you survivor is the image of what will happen to me. The strength I have is from knowing you. Everything I am is for being you, know nothing of me, but only of you your the strength of me and I can't thank you.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

"Dear Reality"

"Dear, Reality"

The white light that appears in this glommed world, which we call reality. The shine, the white light, the missed which always appears in front of me, never letting the darkness get to me. The darkness appear in my every growing mind, the darkness which grows inside of me. where the light can not shine on me. It poisons me, the light fades, the white light appears appears to disappear. It is no longer mine, no longer my companion or friend. 

It is now the end of me, my enemy.

The Start of My 3rd year on BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths

The past two years have gone by so quick and they were the best years so far. The first year help develop my art work while I watched it grow developing the way I think and this has improved my work. How ever, the second year help with my writing and through my essay, (which i did not enjoy) help me realist what my art is and how i produces it.

This course has developed me as an artist, but it has made me stronger.

First year:

This was my first piece of work at goldsmiths.

The development from this video was through my piers and tutors help within our convenor.  

Second year:
Second year is where i go into writing and i started to write mini scripts.

And my third year is going to go as or more fast then the last two years. I have continued writing and hopeful i can make a career out of what i love and enjoy.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Photograph developments

I took 120 pictures and edited them down to 22 black-and-white photographs. Now I have to pick three to install for my grading.

I wanted to do a film but didn't know what I wanted to do, but I had an idea around photography. I took these thinking it might help me with my video. It did not help, but they became a better idea and developed into these photos here.

I don't know which one is first or which way they will be facing.

These would be put on A0 XL glass-like material and placed either free-standing or hanging on the wall.

These pictures are what developed from my diary and when I picture these emotions that are actually happening to me, I imagine them happening to someone else in my family. The character in the photos is one of my family members (my niece).

I have other photos I might put up but these are the photos that my group tutorial said would work together better. From the meeting I got some more ideas to improve the idea such as sound, music or having writing of either my emotions from the diary or maybe parts of a poem or book that I have read.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


A lot of my inspiration came from the Matt's gallery, where i saw Susan Hiller and Mike Nelson. I took inspiration from Susan Hiller's use of colour and Mike Nelson's use of metaphor . From my foundation course I have learnt a lot of techniques that have been put into use when making my final piece. In part I was influenced by my antimatter project where i had made a video of my installation and this time I wanted to create an environment for my video to be played.

I had planned about twenty ideas and borrowed from all of them to create my final design. For example, one idea involved rotating heads this became the spinning of the character in the film, or my idea to have a Barbie in a perfect house this became the amateurish tree house.

The creation went well but it took more time then i thought it would. Getting the video done took a week but the construction of the installation took four weeks, i had to sketch the design out, paint and cut out the walls to attach to the frame.

When i showed my piece to my class mates i found some of their views of it were rooted in reality, they looked for a door where there shouldn't be a door. I felt that i was successful as the majority understood the metaphor.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

I Cried, My Mum Screamed and He Ran

I Cried, My Mum Screamed and He Ran

A video installation piece that demonstration a sinister effect to the view as you see a teen girl that is playing and falling and also walking on the wall, when the video is playing inside the house you feel like you're a peeping tom. But this is how children have been put in this protective area and you will never know if it is safe enough for your children. By watching someone else’s childhood the viewer has a negative feeling from this video and installation piece. The name of the project is based on one of my childhood memories of my brother teaching me how to ride a bike and me falling off as he lets go of the bike then me falling and “I cried, my mum screams and he ran” because he knows he is in trouble.

My blog research artist’s I have used within my choice of design. The artists inspired me with the installation more than the video but when making the video I was inspired by 80’s horror film and this helped with how I was going to edit my film. The films I was inspired by where Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th, Halloween and from this I pick up on the keys thing that I want to use in my video. From this I like the ideas of using iconic colours from 80’s horror example red, black and green as well the standard of a key character presented in horror films of the time period. Other artist inspired me in different parts of the project for example; the artist Richard Wood was important for how I chose to paint the outer walls. Gregor Schneider and Jessye McDowell were other artists I looked at but not in much detail.

The development of many of my ideas at the begining of the project help show the key factors that I wanted my ideas to have within them. These included the element of 80’s horror and how the themes of the 80’s horror genre can relate to real life as they include isolation and victimisation. As well the process of analysing horror movie by character, editing and key factors that most or all horror films use. These are the typical teen girl that has been stereotyped to be either a dumb blond or a sexualize woman that is the main character. Also a lot more scenes are given to that person and more on focus her body shape. The main key factors in horror films are colours, stereotypes, sexuality, society, and some comparison to reality. These define the outcome of my video and parts of the installation.

I am happy with the outcome of this project as seeing the piece grow from just cardboard and wood to a building was successful as this is my idea coming into reality. I also feel my research into my video was successful, as I can understand what I needed to edit into my video and why my video was edited and placed in the installation. The understanding of the media and the research I had done was particularly successful as it is what formatted my final piece and without my research it would be more difficult to have a clear perspective.

Spend more time on the math of the installation and time to see the video and installation together before showing it. I wish I had more time to choose how I wanted it to be displayed and what parts I wanted or needed for the installation for example; how many windows, what kind of windows, should I paint the roof and legs, what colours should I use and where would it be placed?. Although I looked at that I also had problems such as where to place the projector and laptop, how would I get inside to turn everything on and there was also a heating problem where it would get too hot in the building so when installing the window I put an opening and closing mechanism as well as leaving the bottom open to get in and out.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gregor Schneider

Gregor Schneider
A link to one of his videos are below:
Gregor Schneider Installing 
A link to his website is below:
Gregor Schneider Website

Some image from this artist below

His work is very inspiring when building my project as he work with building rooms with rooms and that kind of what i have done, but i will relate his work and the other artist that i have looked at back to my work in my evaluation. 

I like the beach piece of his work because it relates more to my work a this is like every other beach but your cage in like an animal as this will relate to how i want my piece to be viewed.  

 some other work i have just found so the horror side that i was researching into with my project below:

The uses of limited colour and darkness create a negative feeling.