Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Blackout Version Two

The Blackout Version Two- Scripted

Ba Fine Art Degree Show Goldsmiths University

Ba Fine Art Degree Show Goldsmiths University;
Video, Installation;

Some Degree Show Set Pictures:

This was a stressful event that has some problems but we got through it. the work i produced her is some what different to what i normality produced in length and in stretcher.
Adding to the understanding of the work and building a emotional response from the viewer/ audience.

This is version one and the text (the book would be link to the video and be version two i will post another script of the text later on today.)



Projection, installation 
(free standing, white fluff carpet, through a long white hallway, with red doors)
the repeating of an action to a normality and a non reality. 
repeating this action to is to repeat your day however if this action is out of context then this become abnormal. 

this then become in some words weird, unique, undesirable or even beautiful in many different way this form can be change from the outside of society and culture. 
from in beauty to outer beauty.

Work through my mind to create this work. The habits the good the bad and the ugly, working thought them and what create them as well as working from my writing which help make many different pieces.

This is piece is about repeats, loops, rejection, abnormalities, uniques and so much more that i will let you discover. 

Pink Lines

Video of the film;                                                                 Pink Line, 2016, Projector, Speaker, Carpet

The work I produced is mainly based about madness and hysteria in the female life form, in our society and culture, which is influence by female that are close to me.

However it is only female perspective of a female to reflect, what is happening in my head or what I feel society is going through.

My work takes form through my writing and the emotion I want to create with audio, images and installation.

This work is heavily based around the film industry, which all of my works contain.

I use the style of English horror films from the 1950’s and the 1960’s to create a unique atmosphere, but my writing is the main piece within the work as it gives the viewer the depth and informs for the audience digesting my story.

That is then shown through images and understood by the audio as well as the atmosphere created by the environment that it is presented in.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Update on the Dear; project

Dear Survivor
Dear Reality
Dear Lover

Dear Mother

Sunday, 11 October 2015

"Dear, Lover"

"Dear, Lover"

The love I hold is for you, everything I do is for you. Just knowing you made me know how much I could love and I love you. So my love, will you just know everything I do is for you, everything I know is you and your my everything.

My everything is waking up to see you next to me, seeing your beautify brown eyes opening.

Knowing you love me as much as I love you.

The only love I have is for you, the only love I want is you and the only love I will ever know is you. You bring happiness to my world, a smile to my face and a life I will never want to change.

Friday, 9 October 2015

"Dear, Mother"

"Dear, Mother"

I'm the mini you, the one you made for me to be alive. I hope I'm everything you wanted me to be. Everything you do is for me, I live for you. You will never know me personally, but you know me for I am. You are apart of me, but I grow. I grow to be me and you no longer know me. The past will always be there, I will always remember. I will always remember you, when I wake up and open my eyes I will see you. Now I have grown, I have learnt and I'm no longer a child.

I now will move on far away from you, just know I will always love you. Know you are apart of me, everywhere I go and I will one day return for you.

With my own mini me.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

"Dear, Survivor"

"Dear, Survivor"

Survivor why don't you speak to me, knowing everything you mean to me. Your the only thing that gets to me.
My everything.
Everyone around me knows nothing of me. So my dear survivor, why don't you speak to me. To just hear your voice, will mean everything, just knowing your their mean the world to me.

Where are you dear survivor, be strong for me, love will come of me. You can be happy my dear survivor, nothing will get to me.

knowing you survivor is the image of what will happen to me. The strength I have is from knowing you. Everything I am is for being you, know nothing of me, but only of you your the strength of me and I can't thank you.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

"Dear Reality"

"Dear, Reality"

The white light that appears in this glommed world, which we call reality. The shine, the white light, the missed which always appears in front of me, never letting the darkness get to me. The darkness appear in my every growing mind, the darkness which grows inside of me. where the light can not shine on me. It poisons me, the light fades, the white light appears appears to disappear. It is no longer mine, no longer my companion or friend. 

It is now the end of me, my enemy.

The Start of My 3rd year on BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths

The past two years have gone by so quick and they were the best years so far. The first year help develop my art work while I watched it grow developing the way I think and this has improved my work. How ever, the second year help with my writing and through my essay, (which i did not enjoy) help me realist what my art is and how i produces it.

This course has developed me as an artist, but it has made me stronger.

First year:

This was my first piece of work at goldsmiths.

The development from this video was through my piers and tutors help within our convenor.  

Second year:
Second year is where i go into writing and i started to write mini scripts.

And my third year is going to go as or more fast then the last two years. I have continued writing and hopeful i can make a career out of what i love and enjoy.